If you are like many other homeowners who store precious items in your garage besides your car, it is worth repairing a faulty garage door instantly. Over time, even the toughest overhead door can wear down, and problems may build up. Professional garage door repair in Germantown will make sure the mechanisms and components are checked and fixed.

Decrease the risk of garage door injuries with prompt repair:

Overhead door injuries are common because they weigh more than hundred pounds. Every year, there’re nearly thirty thousand injuries because of garage door mishaps, and several deaths are caused by non-functional overhead doors. This makes garage door one of the most dangerous parts of a home.

Listed below are some common examples of garage door related injuries:

  • Fingers pinched or getting caught in overhead doors is a widespread accident when running a garage door, causing sombre injuries. Ensure that no one is close to the overhead door when it is in operational mode.
  • If the springs are problematic people might get locked in the garage. Loose, cracked, or corroding springs may lead to injuries & a halt in operation. If your garage does not have access inside the home or you don’t have the key, getting locked inside a garage may cause dehydration, restlessness, and death because of poor ventilation.

Get your garage door problems fixed by hiring a trusted garage door service:

By appointing a pro garage door service like BWI Garage Doors, you will benefit from the proficiency of highly knowledgeable & trained people to conduct the garage door repair services. We offer a wide range of garage door services, like:

  • Garage door installation: It includes new overhead door installations such as the main overhead door, springs, tracks, cables, hinges, handles, locks and rollers.
  • Garage door replacement: It includes removing and hauling away old overhead doors and replacing components.
  • Fixing sagging garage door: As your garage door age, it can move & shift. If this occurs, it need to be reinforced or realigned. Our garage door technician will adjust your garage door & inspect the opening to make sure that it’s not damaged. Our serviceman will fix all parts as required & make any essential garage door adjustments.
  • Panel replacement: If only a section of your overhead door is damaged, our technician can replace just one section in place of the whole door.

Call us now BWI Garage Doors now if you are looking for prompt Garage Door repair in Germantown. Get a free garage door repair quote today!