Be it a young boy or a girl, it’s not easy to dress kids in traditional wear. Traditional dresses for child aren’t just made up of bulky materials, also they’re often embellished heavily. These embellishments & materials mightn’t be comfortable for kids. Although very often kids are dressed in casual outfits, some special occasions demand traditional clothing as well.

Today there are so many varieties for kids when it comes to traditional wear. However, comfort plays a pretty critical part in dressing up children in traditional wear. Kurtas are the most preferred option for children when it comes ethnic wear. Though children can experiment with nearly any type of style, it’s essential to keep in mind the occasion & the texture of the clothing.

Even in Kurtas there’re infinite styles to select from. Nonetheless, children shouldn’t overdress in regards of ethnic wear. A mixture of contemporary and traditional is apposite for children. Here are some kids kurta & pajama styles which you can go for.

Kurta & denims:

A denim paired by a Kurta can work wonders for nearly any occasion. Ensure your kurta’s color is dynamic so that it complements the denim. The combination of a denim and kurta is apposite for both boys and girls. This combo is a classic & never goes out of style. Kurta & denim combo is an effortless attire that any kid can take advantage of.

Kurta accompanied by a jacket & pant:

If your kid is not inclined towards a simple kurta, you can go for a jacket style kurta. You can pair up a kurta with pajamas and add a jacket to the ensemble. Adding a jacket not just makes the entire outfit fascinating but also makes it more unique in regards to style. You can opt for a light-hued jacket with a vibrant toned kurta. Or else, you can opt for a light shaded kurta and a vibrant jacket.

Kurta with dhoti pants:

Pairing up kurta with pants is a pretty typical outfit. Dhoti pants are pretty much in demand and they look traditional enough when teamed with kurtas. The combo of dhoti pants and kurta is pretty much in fashion. Above all, this outfit is comfortable by all means. Dhoti pants avail in many colors so matching it with the kurta is pretty easy. This style works pretty well for both young girls and boys.

Kurta & skirt for young girls:

Today flowy skirts are very much in fashion. This style isn’t only fashionable to the core but is also comfortable. While buying, ensure the kurta is short in length so that it compliments the skirt. As skirts are get table in different colors, it’s easy to pair them up with nearly any kurta.

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