Are you looking to install a security door in your commercial premises? You mayn’t know where to start. Being a leading service provider of commercial door repair in Burnaby, we have serviced and repaired a wide range of security doors throughout our service careers. We have seen the good, bad and the ugly, which is why we think we can help make the correct decision in buying the best security door for your business.

Steel or aluminum:

We always hear from our customers whether they should buy a steel or aluminum security door. For the strongest security door, steel is the best option. However, steel isn’t as defiant to decay as aluminum. In particular cases, aluminum security doors match the visual appeal better, which could be an advantage. If you want to go with an aluminum door, ensure to choose one that’s 316 marine grade & it should include stainless steel mesh in its design.

Sometimes supplies attempt to sell non-compliant aluminum doors to their consumers to make a profit. Keep in mind; unless it features stainless steel mesh, it isn’t worth it.

Locks & handles:

Purchase security doors with the best quality locks & hinges to stay as safe as probable. Steer clear of surface mounted locks and rather go for mortice locks that come with a body placed inside the framework of the door. On the other hand, a surface mounted lock can be smashed easily with the help of a hammer.


If you’ve a steel door, you will require a welded-on pin hinge to offer the utmost level of security. Pin hinges are welded to a frame that’s bolted to the wall. As steel gates are pretty bulky, they need some sturdy hinges.

Since aluminum security doors are lighter in weight, they need aluminum security hinges, which are modified butt hinges with a pin that locks into the door frame.


When buying a security door, ensure you get a warrant in writing. Don’t purchase any business door with a warranty for under a year. No doubt, a warranty will cost you, but it’ll be far less than the expense of totally replacing the door if something wrong happens.

By following these above-mentioned guidelines & investing on a top-quality security door, you will definitely improve the bottom-line of your business. If you’ve a security door or other commercial door that require service, get in touch with GVA Garage Doors. We are happy to help you with your Commercial Door Service and Repair in Vancouver BC.