First things first let’s discuss what exactly is web development? –  in short, the tasks associated with building intranet or internet services for your business is considered as web development services.

Web development is one of the first steps a business should think of when it decides to create an online image or presence for its brand. From website development to designing and content that goes on the website everything can be a part of web development depending on the agency or web development company in Brampton that you are working with.

The Web Development process

When you hire a digital marketing agency like MarketinGROW there are two things that you can be sure of 1) professional and expert resources like developers with over 15 years of professional experience and 2) an organized approach to your web development needs.

Here are the steps we follow when we take up a web development task on behalf of our client:

  1. Research – when you come to us with a need for high lead generating and high traffic websites, our team spends a crucial amount of time understanding your market, it’s demographics, the brand presence or image and accordingly decides what would be the best approach for your web development needs. Since we have a presence in Brampton MarketinGROW, is able to understand the requirements and demographics of each market in a worm’s eye view and birds-eye view for the business this helps in understanding the business needs better. Hence, we often tell our clients to choose a local web development agency in Brampton.
  1. Planning – once we have determined the basic requirements, we then proceed to the planning stage. It is at this stage we incorporate our SEO experts who decide the content and keywords for your web content. This is an important step since it helps generate traffic and potentially convert that traffic to customers with the right placement and UI design.
  1. Web development – at this stage the actual work starts to take shape. From coding to deciding which of the pages will run on a static or more complex code is decided and implemented. Static and dynamic code are two versions of code as the name suggests static is a simple code that doesn’t allow any change while dynamic is more complex code that allows changes images and videos to be uploaded on to the website. We create a mix of both for a well-designed website. After this, our web developers in Brampton will register and provide domain and SSL services on behalf of their clients.
  1. Testing – once the code is written and the website is created, we test out the code to makes sure all links and pages are working, in case developers find any issue it is fixed at the testing stage.

Launch – once the web development process is completed and tested, we get the website to go live meaning it is now visible on Google or any other search engines and has a domain name and URL. At this stage, we transfer all ownership to the clients and thereafter, focus on aftercare services like maintenance and updating or auditing the website at regular intervals.