So you need extra TV points installed anywhere in your house to get all channels, including the free-to-air TV stations. Professional extra TV point’s installation team can add as many points as you want and anywhere you want as well. One benefit of installing extra TV points means you get additional options for watching TV in your home. Extra TV points mean you can watch different shows at the same time within your house. You can enjoy TV shows in different rooms. It will be a good option for your kids to watch their favorite cartoons, and you can view your cooking show or Netflix. Watching favorite TV in your bedroom is one of the best ways to relax after a long day while watching TV! Extra TV points installed in multiple areas of your house gives you more options and flexibility as your family grows. It means you need to rearrange your furniture and layout your home. So you can quickly shift your TV room around.

Now the question arises that will the extra TV point installation affect your reception? The signal strength of your digital antenna splits with the addition of additional TV point installations, no matter how strong the existing signal. You may probably need an amplifier to boost the signal and ensure you get good reception on all your newly installed TVs. It a technical job and need some professional assistance.

So where to add extra TV points in your home? Aside from your existing TV room, some places you might want to install extra TV points are: Your bedroom or your kid’s bedroom or guest room, kitchen, or any area you like to entertain yourself or spend time relaxing is an excellent place for a TV!

Now the questions may arise in your mind whether you should install TV points by yourself or hiring the extra TV point installation expert? Since adding additional TV, points involve so many works; hence it is better left to experts only! They are qualified and experienced digital/antenna technicians and know the most excellent way to install things better than others. Here are a few reasons for which you must rely on expert technicians.

  • It’s risky – You may run the risk of coming up against pipes or other cords (including electrical) while cutting the walls
  • Antenna cables can have electrical currents as sometimes electrical cables run up your existing antenna cable!
  • The job itself needs specialized skills, tools, and expertise.  It can be expensive for homeowners.
  • It takes time – The expert team takes less time to handle the situation whereas a DIY may take much more time and confusion.
  • Complex problems – the job involve much more technical issues and need specialized expertise. It may not be as easy and simple as it looks because it needs to install signal splitters, running the cable to your new TV points, achieving the best reception, and much more.
  • In a DIY job, you have to procure so many things and need a little bit of skill. However, it does not give guarantee that you will get a better reception in each new TV point. It is better to leave things to professional, extra TV point’s installation team. They will prove to be a low cost for you.


When you need a new TV point installation, the first step is to call a professional. They’ll ask you some basic questions to decide what you need and how long the job might take. They visit your home, inspect your home, and give you a budget-friendly estimate. They’ll help you choose the best location for your new TV points. They access the wall types, wall studs, internal wall electrical and plumbing, TV locations, cable length, signal strength, and other potential issues that might impact your installation and signal. Finally, the technician will clean up all the mess from the installation, pack up, and make sure your TV is connected correctly, and the signal is working. If there are any further issues related to signal, they may run additional tests to check the problems with the cable, or antenna, or the TV itself.