Exclusive day tours to Eliat offers a wide range of touring options in Jordan. For travelers who want to visit one of the Middle East’s most popular travel destinations, a customized Eilat day tour itinerary may be perfect for you.


Eliat is a splendid travel destination and a real tourist trap worth your day tour. If you are traveling to Jordan, you should extend a few days of your journey to explore Eilat’s uniqueness. It deserves at least two days of your time that you can spend while doing lots of activities.

Swim with Dolphins

You have an enormous opportunity to play with the stunning aquatic life and dive into the Red Sea’s turquoise waters. Here at Dolphin Reef, you can come close to the bottle-nosed dolphins and observe them in their own habitat. The reef is also home to tropical fish, beautiful corals, and everyone’s favorite entertainers: the playful dolphins.

Discover Jordan

You can visit Petra, a must-see place in Jordan, as a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is an excellent starting point of your day tour to the rose-hued UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are several day tours from Eilat organized to explore the past historic place’s splendor and the ancient lost city.

Explore the underwater Marine Observatory

With such a beautiful coral reef along Eilat’s shores, hundreds of thousands of people visit the most renowned marine observatory every year. You will appreciate the sea creatures, observe the turtles and stingrays from very close.

Dive in the Red Sea

Near the Red Sea, Coral Beach is often ranked as one of the finest places for diving globally. The reefs here are preserved by the National Parks Authority and are very popular among locals and tourists alike. Do you wish to explore the depths or just flutter along the surface and snorkel? The Red Sea is the perfect place to go!

Visit Timna Park

Timna is a lovely and attractive park in the desert situated in the north of Eilat. It’sIt’s home to the world’s first and large copper mine, and has plenty of trails to hike. The park is best visited with a day tours Eilat.

Relax on the beach

If you just want to rest or unwind, then Eilat offers numerous beaches, choose from. Some beaches are attached to hotels and have lifeguards, while others are more remote & secluded areas that give amity.

Do shopping

Eilat’s city is a tax-free zone and gives travelers many opportunities to shop as many things they like. There are various shopping centers in the town, selling products from all over the world.

Hike the mountains

It is not difficult to miss the towering mountains that surround Eilat. The customized itinerary for your day tours in Eilat takes you to the most beautiful hiking trail in the region to start your hike.

Try adventure water-sport

If you feel adventurous, you can try your skills at windsurfing, kite-surfing, water-skiing, stand-up paddle-boarding, and parasailing. Several locations in Eilat offer rentals to satisfy your adrenaline desires.

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