Website trends are constantly evolving. If you have a small business it becomes imperative to your marketing strategy to play by the trends in order to attract better conversions and traffic on your website. All of this while creating a good budget website.

If you want to know how to improve your website design or the latest trends in website design in Brampton, we suggest you read this blog.

Let’s start with the basic, website design is specifically created to match the likes of your customer. If you are a local small business in Brampton with a specific audience your website has to be equipped with navigation and design that match their style. Here are some website trends for 2020 in Canada that will help you.

Dark mode for websites- study suggest 95% users prefer Dark mode to light mode. No surprise here since almost all major platforms have rolled out a dark mode version for their app. Facebook recently also announced a dark mode website feature rollout for the same, it’s understandable since dark mode helps in reducing glare to being aesthetically pleasing. Dark mode for websites is the latest trend among the rest. Think about it, if a user opts for dark mode on their phone and iWatch their eyes would soon be well adjusted to dark mode making any bright website not a favourable option. Giving your users an option to choose between switching modes gives them a sense of engagement and creates an overall likeable aspect about your website that stands out from its competitors.

Mixing typography trends- this is a rebellious one but current trends suggest users like this to the mundane text and graphic. What it means is mixing a photo with text like a high-end magazine. Your websites designing in Brampton could be local but will apply to a global audience. This is our go-to option for a small business in Mississauga or Ontario looking for a budget friendly website design.

Artistic illustrations- illustrations give a sense of professional approach to your work and artistic illustration creates a fun and peppy vibe for your business making it easy for small businesses to create an appealing UI to their audience. This can be static illustrations or animated simple vectors. The goal is to keep it simple and clean.

3DGraphics – since the 2000’s everything 3D has always been a favourite. Given that current graphic designers in Brampton or anywhere in Canada are now equipped with the best tools thanks to applications like Adobe, creating futuristic websites and images that mix a bit of reality with illusions can give your website the edge over its competitors.

Minimalism- everything minimal is now a trend! Pastel colours with soft shadows and elements mixed with a clean well-spaced web design seems to be the best web design template for a small business in Brampton. The reason being the current obsession over Minimalistic features that offer your users easy navigation and focus on the key text and information your website aims to share.

User triggered animation- another way of incorporating content and user experience into your website is through UT animations. What this does is simply plays the animation only when a user clicks or scrolls through it. It’s a fun interactive way of keeping your website a step ahead of the rest as well as creating a good experience for your user. Keep in mind to keep the navigation and transition simple. No one wants an animation that’s stuck or doesn’t do anything.

Keep in mind all web designing trends in Brampton, Mississauga, Ontario and the surrounding GTA usually depend on the demographics. Geographically speaking trends are defined by what is largely acknowledged by the area and the target audience. The above-mentioned web design tips can help target a wide range of audience if put together the right way. Combine this with good content marketing and call to options and you can see visible growth in lead generation In Brampton or the surrounding GTA. Keep your elements simple and designs clear. A good web design company in Brampton should be able to help you figure out what your audience is likely to favour and what they may not like.

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