Virtual recruitment has become a trend and all thanks to the COVID-19 restrictions and lockdown. However, job portals such as makes virtual recruitment an easy process by providing several options for job seekers as well as the best companies hiring now.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic situation happened, several companies used to handle the elements of their recruitment process virtually. However, the lockdown has forced almost every business to carry out recruitments online. Even when shutdowns have been lifted to a certain extent, many organizations are still considering virtual recruitments as a useful tool.

So what virtual recruitment is all about?

Virtual recruitment works the same as the usual recruitment process, i.e. identification and hiring the right and skilled workers to meet the organizational needs. In the case of virtual recruitment, these tasks are handled virtually. Virtual recruiters bridge the gap between job candidates and employers; however, these tasks are also carried out remotely.

What are the benefits of virtual recruitment?

Besides complying with the present public health guidelines, virtual recruitment offers numerous other benefits which include reaching out to more candidates more efficiently. It is true, especially for smaller employers that do not possess a sizable staff for the recruitment process that is dedicated to sourcing talent. In addition to that, virtual open houses and job fairs are being conducted that allow more people to attend. The best part of online recruitments is that it saves not only your time but also resources.

Regulations of Virtual Recruitment

You need to understand that the virtual recruitment process too needs to comply with specific guidelines and cannot get engaged in any form of discrimination. Therefore, in the virtual recruitment process recruiters cannot eliminate applicants based on race, color, gender, age, disability, religion, sexuality, marital status, or any other confined identity category. For ensuring the hiring process is a non-discriminatory one, the best way out is “blind hiring” wherever possible. Moreover, you need to ensure that international recruitments comply with all labor laws both domestically as well as in the countries the talent is getting hired from.

In-Person Virtual Recruitment – Is it possible?

Recruiting virtually via an online medium doesn’t mean that you will leave the recruitment philosophy behind. You need to make a point to emphasize the brand and values of your company throughout the recruiting process. And it becomes essential in a virtual setting as the applicants won’t have in-person interaction with your team and organization significantly. For achieving that, you can create virtual chats or online hiring events that will provide the applicants with several opportunities to stay connected with the organization efficiently. Also, you can promote your recruitment efforts on social media pages for reaching the right candidates efficiently. Some of the other effective strategies for virtual recruitment include virtual job fairs, telephonic interviews, video interviews, and likewise.

If you are planning to create a virtual recruiting event, then check out some expert tips to make it a successful venture:


  • Opt for the right platform: You can use conferencing software that offers greater functionality.
  • Promoting events across digital platforms: Social media platforms are the best options when it comes to promoting a job event.
  • Register with a Reputable Job Portal: Registering with a job portal like helps in finding the right talent and great people to work with. The job portal also enables job seekers to check out the best companies hiring now.
  • Tracking Success by implementing metrics: Besides keeping track of the number of people registering and attending your virtual events, you must also evaluate the conversion rate and offer the acceptance rate of attendees.

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