Beaches are love! Isn’t it ladies? But how can you make a beach vacation exciting? Ummm… Getting the right beach wear for women? You need to prepare yourself completely for the beachy adventure. So what should you pack for you beach vacation? Let us find out below –


As far as clothes for beach vacations are concerned, it would be better to pack less as you won’t wear it. Most of your time will be spent in your swimsuit! So what clothes to pack then?

  • Bikini or Swim Suit – Obvious!

Without bikinis your beach vacation will be not so happening. Pack two swim suits – one extra for wearing when the other one is drying. You can find a wide variety of beach wear for women today; choose the one that you love the most!

  • Swim Suit Cover

Do not forget to pack a swimsuit cover when packing for your beach vacation. You can wear it down to the beach and cover your shoulders and legs to avoid the harmful sun rays as well as if you are visiting a beachy place having monasteries or temples nearby!

  • Shorts

Two to three comfy pairs of shorts for having a walk around the beachy town or you can also go to the beach! Shorts make you look chic! After all you will have to post your beach vacation pics on Instagram and Facebook!

  • Tank Tops

Pack two to three tank tops as well to mix and match these with your shorts!

  • Dresses

You can pack one or two casual sun dresses to wear it over your shorts. Dresses can make you look even more elegant. Also pack a formal dress for enjoying dinner at a posh restaurant.

  • Pants

A pair of pants is mandatory to keep you warm if the nights get colder!

  • Jacket

A light jacket will be good to pack especially if the location you have chosen is cooler or windy at nights. And if you are going to a place where rain often pours down then consider packing a rain jacket. You can opt for 3 in 1 jackets that are ideal for winters as well as rainy seasons.

Other obvious clothes to pack include underwear (2-3 bras and a pair of knickers) and a pair of pajamas.


Besides clothes packing the right shoes is also necessary. For beach adventures three pairs of shoes i.e. flip flops, sandals and water shoes are a must. Flip flops will make you feel at ease at the beaches, sandals will be great for walking around the town, shopping and dining and water shoes will protect your feet from the rocky and coral beaches.

Other Beach Essentials

Apart from clothes and shoes, there are several other beach essentials that you must pack to protect yourself from sun as well as have fun in water. Some of the beach essentials include beach hat, beach towel, sunglasses, snorkel set and water bottle.

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