The Dead Sea is an extraordinary Salt Lake situated at one of the lowest point on the earth’s surface, roughly 400m below the sea level. It is one of the saltiest water bodies known to man and one of the most exciting destinations in Jordan. Have some relaxing time on the shore of the Dead Sea and experience weightlessness while floating on the hypersaline lake’s surface. You can also try to enjoy a spa treatment in the mineral-rich waters of the Dead Sea. It is a natural phenomenon and should remain at the top of the ‘must to do’ travel list.

The unusually high salt concentration is almost eight times as high as the oceans make the deep blue water causing a natural buoyancy. It will let you float like a fishing bobber. The Dead Sea waters are much denser and make swimming more comfortable. You can swim without fear of drowning and still read your favorite book or newspaper! Half the fun of visiting the Dead Sea is the experience of floating in the mineral-rich water. Multitudes of people flock there to benefit from its natural healing properties in the mineral-rich waters. Also, the visitors enjoy taking the quintessential photo of floating in the sea.

This extremely salty lake’s natural phenomenon has been intriguing people for thousands of years due to its natural attraction. Some of the most important biblical scenes are linked to the Dead Sea and its unique natural setting. It is definitely a must of an everyday trip to Jordan. Staying at least two days or more in the Dead Sea area will enhance the relaxing effect of the spa treatments you’ll enjoy. The highest oxygen, 15% more than anywhere else around the world, is a natural Spa. The famous Dead Sea’ black mud’ is said to be therapeutic and the minerals and salts of the sea. Having a swim in the Dead Sea, followed by getting covered by ‘black mud,’ is not only fun & exciting thing to do but has many health benefits.

The Dead Sea day trip is possible from both Amman and Aqaba. The road is an excellent dual carriageway. It is accessible from the main road that runs along the eastern side of the sea and connects to Jordan’s Desert Highway running to Amman. Highways that leads to the Dead Sea are marked by brown tourist signs. It is an ambitious 3-hour drive from Aqaba in southern Jordan and an hour’s drive from Amman. Tour operators will be picked you up from your Hotel in Amman in a private air-conditioned car/minivan and take you to the pre-booked luxurious Hotel for relaxation and rejuvenation.


Blessed with year-round pleasant weather, an enriched oxygen atmosphere, world-famous mineral-rich mud, and luxurious spas, the Dead Sea is a major international beauty spa resort. Its geographical position lets you enjoy some of the ultraviolet filtered sunlight as well. Pamper yourself with a plethora of treatments at the world-famous Dead Sea Spa hotel. Don’t forget the famous black mud pack of the Dead Sea, renowned for its beauty-enhancing properties.

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