The outbreak of the COVID-19 has made treating elders at a hospital riskier and the best way out to have proper care for them is to have services of a home health care agency.

According to research, older patients already having medical conditions related to heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, or cancer are more prone to have infections from coronavirus. It is risky to have them treated at hospitals as the risk of having infection increases. The way out to have better treatment and management of their daily life is to have home health care in Bloomfield, CT, from reputed home health care agencies.

It is better to know how the home health care agencies are offering the best of care to elders during the COVID-19 pandemic period.

Keeping themselves fit

As caregivers, they think that they need to remain fit so that they can take the responsibility to stand by the elders at this challenging time. The home care organizations regularly screen their caregivers to see if they have any symptoms of coronavirus infection. If they find such, then they do not allow that particular caregiver to be on duty. The organizations only designate those caregivers who are fit for duty.

The caregivers themselves maintain all health and sanitization procedures as laid by health organizations. They clean their hands frequently with soap and water before and after providing care to the elders. They also wash their hands while they prepare food and if they have to touch any surface. The caregivers also sanitize surfaces and pieces of equipment, which they and the elder may handle.

Maintaining physical distancing

They also help elders to maintain physical distance with others. As elders cannot meet friends face to face, the caregivers themselves spend time with them and make them learn digital ways to stay connected. They help the elders to have video chats using digital gadgets and use telephones to speak to their near ones who remain far.

Keep the elders busy

The social separation will have a negative impact on the mind of the elders. Considering this, caregivers keep the elders busy with works like organizing old photos and sharing old memories. The caregivers also help the elders to share a cooking recipe, favorite songs, or movies.

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Minimize the risk of infection

The caregivers are in constant touch with doctors who treat the elder. If the caregiver observes that the elder member does not have any such health problems, they delay the check-up, requiring going to hospitals. If they feel any difficulty, then they consult the doctors over the phone or organize a video call where the elder can explain to the doctor the problem faced. The doctor, in turn, can prescribe remedies for relief.

Adequately address the pre-existing illness

The caregivers adequately address the pre-existing disease of the elders. They monitor health records like BP, sugar levels daily. They also ensure that medicine stock is adequate and have frequent consultation with the doctor to notify any adverse symptoms and know if there would be any medication change.

The caregivers also make sure that the elder eats healthy food that is well balanced and has sufficient vitamin C. They keep the elders well hydrated and include some daily exercises to keep the elder fit and healthy.

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