Conflicts at the workplace are common and inevitable but must be resolved before it worsens and affects the overall productivity of the organization. However, conflict resolution at work must be carried out with utmost care not to hamper the company’s reputation.

Change is the only constant thing in this world. And when there is resistance to change, conflicts are apparent. Conflict is also an inevitable part of any organization as it includes diverse people with individual work habits, personalities, and styles. When the conflicts are left unresolved, it may produce negative results regardless of whether the conflict is between staff and leadership, two individuals, or workplace teams. Disputes at work make employees feel insecure, affecting overall productivity and the way they deal with customers negatively.

Conflict Resolution at Work

Some of the adverse effects of unresolved conflicts at the workplace include:

Employees May Stop Working or Stay Back Home

When workplace conflicts are left unresolved, it threatens the psychological well-being of employees, management, and the organization. Psychological well-being at the workplace here refers to the comfort of taking risks for your team’s success, and you do not feel criticized for taking those risks. When there is conflict at the workplace, people typically get defensive and feel the need to protect themselves for fear of penalizing them for their actions. On an individual level, the absence of psychological well-being may result in workplace conflicts, poor performance, and job dissatisfaction. Absenteeism, reduced productivity and lack of employee engagement are the effects on the organization.

Poor Customer Service

The customer base of the organization tends to deteriorate when workplace conflicts are left unsettled. Employees involved in disputes with each other may spend more time arguing their points instead of focusing on the quality of their work. All this leads to diminishing the quality of service offered, which may send customers to a competitor. Additionally, customers who sense the conflict within the organization may leave with the impression that the company is not the right place to work with. Such an impression may hamper and question your company’s reputation.

Conflicts may Tear Down Company Reputation

When an organization and its employees remain engaged in conflicts continuously may raise questions about the management and their business practices. Companies that cannot handle and resolve workplace conflicts effectively or overlook the existing conflicts may put their reputation at risk. For an organization with a poor reputation recruiting talented and motivated job candidates can be extremely challenging.

In a nutshell, conflict resolution at work can be an expensive affair but ignoring it might be even costlier. When the conflicts rise to the point where employees begin to seek legal remedies, the interests and practices of the company can be put at stake. However, all these can be avoided by hiring an unbiased mediator who can resolve conflicts without involving legal procedures. For that, you may need to look for a reputable and professional mediator who has experience in conflict resolution at work.

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