Moving to Denver? Already began looking for moving services in Denver? Before you find your perfect moving company in Denver CO, you must take a look at the city and its various aspects. More number of people are packing up and moving to Denver for staying close to jobs, nature and community. Although Denver is a big city, but offers a homely feel that every small town person will appreciate. The city offers all the advantages of big city life along with the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains right in its backyard. One thing is for sure you won’t get bored in this vibrant city, even with a less than perfect weather.

Let us take a dive into the city and learn what it has to offer:

• Best Places to Work in Denver
If you planning to move to Denver for job opportunities, then you have taken the right decision. Denver is an entrepreneurial town with ever growing job opportunities. From oil and gas industry to Mining and construction, you will find a myriad of job opportunities in the town. You will also be glad to know that Massachusetts is the only city with higher percentage of people with a bachelor’s degree which makes the economy of Denver grow at twice the national rate.

• Living in Denver
The economy of Denver is burning with amazing outdoors and mild climate, making it an ideal place to relocate and reside. That is why; the rent prices are soaring high. However, as compared to other big cities with job growth, Denver is still way affordable. However, the living expenses cannot be ignored.

• Public Transportation
Public transportation in Denver is a great option for locals. Bus and light rail will make you get around the town and there is a commuter line to the airport as well. And it is believed that public transportation will get even easier in the future as the first section of track on the northern corridor to Boulder and Longmont has been laid.

• Climate is Great yet Dry
Due to the mile-high altitude of Denver, moisture evaporates quickly especially in winter. The climate is quite dry hence keep your moisturizer handy along with a good sunscreen to block UVA and UVB rays! The intensity of solar radiation is more which will easily get you sunburn. So prepare yourself for a drier experience.

Things to Do in Denver

• Hiking at the Great Outdoors
Denver is one of the top fittest cities as per the American Fitness Index. The city offers a myriad of outdoor activities to try including hiking, soaking up the sun, kayaking, skiing, snowboarding and much more. With 85 miles of paved bike trails along scenic rivers, the city is treat for bikers.

• Breweries of Denver are the Best
Denver and beer go hand by hand. The Rocky Mountain Brewery opened in the same year when the city was founded i.e. 1859. Similarly, Coors entered Colorado in 1873, Boulder Brewery came into existence in 1979 with three beers—a porter, a stout and an ESB. You can find more than 40 breweries in Denver alone. So if you love beer, then Denver is a great city for you.

• Live Music to Amuse You
If you are a music maniac then Denver won’t disappoint you. From El Chapultepec providing live jazz music to Pop music shows at the Red Rocks Amphitheater, you will be able to taste music of every kind.

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