Commercial doors can be as simple as swing doors such as loading dock doors to as complicated as expensive sliding aluminum glass or decorative entrance doors with automatic operators. Since the uses of these doors are quite immense in businesses, it is no wonder that they are also subject to different functional problems. Here are some of the most common commercial door issues business owners usually come across in their day to day life:

Damaged prompted by high traffic:

The sheer volume of traffic that commercial doors face every day can affect their operational lifespan. With high traffic, the amount of wear & tear on its components such as the closer, hinges, locks, and latches increases.

The best way to resolve this high traffic issues is by equipping your door with commercial Grade 1 or heavy duty materials. This prolongs the operational life of not just the door but the jamb as well.

Door warpage:

Door warpage because of heat is also something that commercial doors made from wood, aluminum or hollow metal are heavily impacted by. In majority of circumstances, when the door becomes twisted, it may get back its original structure once the strain is no more applied. Also, it can get back its shape as soon as the temperature cools down. However, the majority of warped doors are likely to remain distorted or even get worse with time due to the heat from the sun and weather is causing the materials to contract and expand. This persistent movement leads to door warpage.

Failure to close:

A widespread complaint from business owners is their door not closing or opening properly. Finding the main cause may involve multiple issues, so you’ve to check the door and jamb thoroughly or better yet look for professional commercial door repair in Vancouver.

Gaps in the door:

If there’s a gap that is large or uneven in your door, then this might direct towards a structural or installation issue. A wider gape can impact the air flow in your commercial premises. To fix this issue a professional will fill the gap & restrict air infiltration by employing different sorts of gasketing or weatherstriping products that are designed especially for commercial doors.

Since common door issues in your commercial door can put your business at risk & compromise your everyday operations, it is wise to schedule specialized commercial door repair in Vancouver sooner than later. A professional service provider can get back your commercial door into shape and keep things running efficiently again.

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