Amman in Jordan is stacked with incredible highlights. You should not bypass Jordan’s bustling capital city Amman  as it is home to so many traveling spots to explore like Petra or upscale destinations like the Dead Sea.


Jordan is a marvelous country filled with mesmerizing natural wonders and historical values. And to make you explore the real Amman in Jordan then day tours, Amman is the best option before you. To make your trip more convenient, tour operators provide climate-controlled vehicles and an English-speaking driver that became great aid to explore Amman in a most informative and comfortable way.

You can get acquainted with a bit of Jordanian history in the old Downtown area by moving to Nymphaneum. The Nymphaneum is a crumbling fountain excavated in the 1990s, and its restoration process is continuing today. You must imagine the fountain must have been magnificent in its day.

The spectacular Roman Theater is nestled in the heart of the city. It is the well preserved 2nd century AD theatre with seating capacity for 6000 people, and a favorite entertainment place in Amman. Walking up, down, and sideways along the steep steps can be an enjoyable experience and is a more exciting place for photo shots from every angle. In fact, this is one of the most exciting attractions in Jordan.

A steep 15-20-minute walk uphill will lead to the Amman Citadel, which is visible from the Roman Theater. It is a historic hilltop site that was occupied by diverse civilizations throughout the times. Now it is home to a few archaeological wonders. Most of the visible remains relatively speak the Roman, Byzantine, and Ummayad periods. If you’re not interested in history buff, then perceive the panoramic views over the Roman Theatre and the city that are enough to make the Citadel a worthwhile visit.

You will get mid-range to luxurious hotels in and outside the downtown. These hotels are all very well-reviewed and reasonably priced. You also get excellent guest houses with comfortable rooms in the heart of the old town. It’s a good value for money, and best of all is you will get the breakfast served on the hotel’s charming rooftop terrace.

The day tours Amman  itinerary will not only show you some of the best places to see and do in Amman but an excellent base for a trip to the Dead Sea, Madaba, the Desert Castles, Jerash, Ajloun, and more! A well-planned tour from your hotel brings you directly the marvelous carved rose-red sandstone Petra and has the first glimpse of the Al Khazneh or The Treasury.


There are so many things to do in Amman, no matter it is a one day or a week to spare. With a well-planned day trip, you should focus on Amman’s Downtown area. You must love to explore Amman on foot, and you can easily walk between all these locations. The town has a few hills, so be careful while moving one place to another. If your legs won’t support you, then you can take a taxi to visit the hilltop locations of the Citadel and Rainbow Street.

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