Positano is the preliminary town on the Amalfi Coast that you go over while showing up from the north of the area. The city in the southern Italian region of Campania draws many guests for its extraordinary excellence.

Why have private transfer from Naples to Positano

Positano is among high coastal cliffs confronting the blue Tyrrhenian Sea, dabbed by little piazzas, old churches and outdoor cafés.

Tragically, there are no direct public transfers between Naples and Positano. Yet, there are perhaps one or two methods for arriving. However, a private transfer from Naples to Positano from reputed transport organization is the best option as it is safe, comfortable and affordable.

Is it worth visiting Positano?

The Italian town of Positano is one of the most valuable gems on the Amalfi Coast, and the historical backdrop of this modest community is relatively old.

Besides the long and fascinating history, what more do Positano and the picture-perfect Amalfi coast bring to the table for you as a guest?

How about we investigate a few motivations to visit Positano?

  • Positano is famous for having a wonderful and refreshing sea breeze throughout the year. This draws in guests from March to October. However, given the tremendous vacationer arrival that floods the city’s roads throughout the late spring; it tends to be challenging to remain in July and August since it is sweltering and swarmed.
  • The town’s unique geological position and its narrow and twisting roads, better called ‘stairways’, associate the upper area of the city with the sea shores. The principal sea shores in Positano are: Spiaggia Grande and Fornillo. One can reach two of them by foot from the centre.
  • Positano is a millenary chest of customs. Beginning from the food to the well-known Positano style. Here you can taste the best limoncello and eat many different seafood pasta dishes, for example, the conventional spaghetti with anchovy sauce. In addition, being in Positano allows you to go out to shop and get into the ’60s hippy-chic attire style, track down excellent pottery and novel gifts from Italy to carry back home.

These are a couple of justifications for why it merits visiting the seaside town, as the number of open-air exercises and activities are genuinely interminable.

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