Do you want to enhance your customer base and your profitability? You have to invest in advanced and innovative guard tour technology instead of following the old method of guard tour system. Add in the increase in productivity and don’t feel awkward to ask yourself this question whether the guard tour system is adequate or expensive, or should you adopt it? Adopting Deggys guard tour technology is inexpensive & it will ease your entire job. It helps you get ahead of the competition and provide the highest level of service!

Adopting an advanced guard tour system empowers you to achieve your organization’s security goals efficiently. Property and premises are expected to be secured by security officers. They shouldn’t have to worry about creating reports or navigating unfamiliar systems. Tour guard software is super simple, and your guards can use it without training. The guards are no longer required to do administrative work besides patrol responsibilities. A guard tour system lets your guards focus on security without worrying about unrelated tasks and cumbersome processes.

Do you want to get reports and data in real time? With an AI-based tour guard system, you will no longer have to wait for information from the guards until their tour is completed. You receive data as it happens. It might be connected to the guards’ time log, attendance, missing and checked checkpoints, or incident reporting.

What do you do with the security information and reports you constantly receive? What about the data captured? Nothing will be missed, and everything is tracked and recorded in a cloud database if you have an AI tour guard system. An AI based guard tour system has a secure database. You can access, review, and retrieve the data history anywhere, anytime, even on your phone. It will help make the right decision at the right time.

Do you introduce an advanced tour guard system to your entity? If yes, you are adding advanced technology for tracking and monitoring guards & security officers. Its real-time tracking technology is becoming more and more common. Guard tour systems have an inbuilt GPS guard tracking feature. It lets you locate a particular guard and patrol movements inside the premises in real time. It intensifies the guards’ accountability since they know they are being tracked.

An intelligent guard monitoring system already includes many extra features, including call and email functionality, text alerts & notifications; emergency mass broadcast buttons, alarms, equipment inspection and reporting, and many more. When put in a risky area, a powerful alarm system gives the guards themselves a feeling of security.


If your guards are unable to be held responsible for their obligations or if they are overworked with tasks unrelated to security, having them on duty is useless. Adding a guard tour system is more affordable than hiring a large crew of guards and managing them manually. Adding an AI based tour guard system from Deggy is an easy way to automate the end-to-end management of guards. Not to mention that it significantly amplifies the efficiency and productivity of the security team. As a security officer or facility manager, you can bring out the best in your security team via maximum empowerment and minimal supervision – a win-win situation for both sides.

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