car keys

For more than twenty years, every BMW running on the road has been furnished
with high-end anti-theft systems. Their system validates that the key fob & right key
are in place before the car is able to be started. So, what happens when you lose your
BMW key? The choice is all yours, but the monetary impact will differ significantly if
you look to hire a locksmith technician in place of visiting the dealer. Mentioned
below are a few reasons why you should get your BMW key replacement done by
a locksmith instead of a local dealer.

Dealers generally order new keys, which may cost you at least a week of downtime:

Obtaining a new key & key fob isn’t the quickest of procedures. Most dealers will have
to order a special key made to match your vehicle type. The making & delivery of the
key can take up to two weeks.

During that time period, you won’t be able to run your car. Except you have a rental
the plan added in your roadside service, you may have to afford an expensive car rental

A locksmith can get the job done at your location the same day:

Rather than waiting or hiring a vehicle, a well-equipped locksmith can take care of
the job in a single day. You don’t need to leave your location, and you will not
encounter any wait times for keys to be despatched. Professional locksmiths have the
tools & key fobs available to help you on-site the same day. Your new key will
be programmed & checked prior to the technician’s left. Once the job is done, you can
move with your BMW.

BMW key replacement done by dealership can be expensive:

You will be shocked to know how many dealerships charge for BMW key replacement.
A new key will be despatched & as soon as it arrives, your vehicle needs to be
reprogrammed to match the new fob & key. All through the process, you’ll have to
pay labor costs, including the cost of the key itself. Relying upon your model, the
price can rise as high as $1000.

A locksmith charge a fraction of the cost for BMW key replacement:

A pro locksmith technician will appear at your site with a key & key fob that’ll work
fitting with your BMW vehicle. Professional locksmiths carry a computerized tool
that accesses your vehicle’s electronic control unit to reprogram the ignition & anti-
theft system with your new key set. The standard charge for this is around $300-
$350. This charge looks very minimal when you consider the fact that the dealership
can charge upwards of $500 or more.

There’re many reasons why you may wish to have your BMW key replaced, but often
it is because we lose them; other reasons include getting damaged, worn, or even
getting locked out of your vehicle. Whatever the reason, your BMW key
replacement should be done by a professional. And instead of going to your
dealership you better call a locksmith service to help you with tasks.