Everest helicopter tour


Mt. Everest (8,848 m), the highest point on earth, offers the experience of more than just climbing and trekking. Traveling to Mt. Everest can be a life-changing experience, and some see it as a journey close to achieving extreme gratification! For travelers inexperienced in mountaineering or may not be accustomed to high altitude and low oxygen levels, the Mt. Everest helicopter tour can be a better and comfortable alternative to reach the towering Summit.


Trekking Mount Everest becomes a famous expedition for most mountain climbers. However, it is also dangerous at the same time. It is because climbing Everest requires a lot of experience in mountaineering and a certificate of good health, equipment, and a trained guide. The snow and ice on the mountain forms probably deadly hazards and the climbing season are limited due to bad weather conditions.

The biggest danger is the altitude, and most people are not accustomed to the high altitude and need bottled oxygen. You probably develop altitude sickness and even brain swelling. Helicopter Tour in Nepal is the best alternative to get rid of such issues. A few hours flying from Kathmandu to Base Camp in a helicopter provides an exciting travel experience. Although it is a little bit expensive but can be a luxury trip worth the adventure with fantastic views that holds you with beautiful memories for a lifetime!

Everest is a unique region in a world of its own! It consists of vast glaciers, icefalls, the highest mountains, deep valleys, precarious settlements, and challenging people that face the harshest conditions of nature of high altitude. If you are not physically fit to trek several days and have less time, then the best way for travelers with dreams to reach Mt. Everest at its closest is to choose the Everest helicopter tour.

It will make you travel around the Summit and land at Everest Base Camp within a short time. It will be a great experience of a few hours flying from Kathmandu to Base Camp. You will be experiencing every minute of such an Everest helicopter tour. It can accommodate two pax, three pax, four pax, and up to 5 people with full window seats allowing you to enjoy the marvelous journey to the Himalayas.

If you are in a group, then the sharing private charter helicopter cost will be reduced per person. Solo travelers, couples, or family can join to share the Everest helicopter tour as a group as well. This Everest helicopter tour lets you enjoy the magnificent views of vibrant landscapes and verdant valley-green rolling hills spotted with villages within the backdrop of the tall Himalayan Mountains.


Everest helicopter tours are a pleasurable and exciting activity. It is an easy, time-saving alternative to fulfill your dream and experience the essence of trekking via a helicopter tour. This trip can show you all the Himalayan ranges, Beautiful Landscapes, Jungles, Waterfalls, Rivers, Lakes, and settlement valley. This trip can help you to save your time, money and get a lifetime experience.

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