95% of small businesses spend their marketing budget on digital marketing efforts. This is because digital marketing for small businesses in Brampton is cost-effective and also shows results in due time. If you are a small business thinking of going digital or a start up in Brampton you may have many questions regarding what is a digital marketing and why does a small business need digital marketing we have other blogs that already speak on those topics in detail so on this one we help you decide the best digital marketing tactics for a small business in Brampton, Mississauga or anywhere in Canada.

For a small business, there are currently digital marketing trends in place that can help you decide what approach will work best for your business. Here are the steps to follow to incorporate the best digital marketing trends for your business.

1) Create an interactive website – as complicated as it sounds it’s actually just clever placement of call to actions or pop-ups that can help your customers feel as if they are in the best outlet with assistance and easy navigation a website can help create traffic and convert that to sales provided its done right.

2) Social media marketing – the magic of social media marketing for small businesses in Brampton is that it allows you to compete with larger firms for a fraction of the effort. And since you do not target a larger audience like big corporations your engagement and reach are much better and then that of a big company. What that means is that although coco-cola Brampton may get more likes your brand will be able to sell to at least 80% of the audience who liked your post.

3) Create novel content – content is always king; it is what digital marketing works on. Getting your content to match the likes of your customers is what matters. Create content according to recent social media trends in Brampton, Mississauga, and Toronto. For example, hold polls and ask for quiz answers, giveaways, spin a wheel lucky draws and competitions are also a good way to get customers to engage.

4) Create video – round 80% of customers find videos engaging and a better means to promote compared to alternative methods like print and written. By 2021, videos will consist of 82% of online traffic. The two most used methods of creating engagement through videos are branded and live videos, for example, branded content is using hi-def videos and text or graphics to promote company products and services, whereas the live video is an interactive more social version of creating a loyal customer following through inviting them to be a part of the video give suggestions or take your advice and teaching them more about your product and services and it’s used in their daily life.

5) Incorporate SEO – search engine keywords and hashtags work for both social and website content. Consider it is what gives your content the limelight and a stage. If you wonder how to make your “business gain customers in Brampton or how to get more followers on social media for my business “SEO is your answer. Unless your customers are able to find you through Keywords and hashtags through search engines your content, product, and services will not be able to get to its target audience or start converting your traffic to sales.

Once you have incorporated a mix of all of these practices, we can promise you the best outcome for your digital marketing efforts.

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