Like most homeowners, you have possibly been speculating how to make your house more energy efficient. You might wish to reduce your home’s carbon footprint or reduce your energy expenses – perhaps both!

Whatever your reasons, you have possibly heard so much on things you can do to make your home more energy efficient. One very important aspect that a lot of people undervalue is the contribution a new insulated garage door can make when it’s about your home’s energy efficiency.

An energy efficient overhead door is one that’ll reduce the energy costs in your house since it aids in regulating the temperature in your home.

The most energy efficient overhead doors are made up of many coats of steel & insulation, with the most efficient materials for insulation being polystyrene & polyurethane.

What’s the role of a new garage door in decreasing your home’s energy costs?

It helps in regulating the temperature in your house?

Though you don’t spend much of your time in your garage, but it is still an extension of your house. If your garage isn’t insulated, cold and heat air can emit from your garage into the rest of your home through shared walls. If you discover yourself tuning your thermostat on a regular basis, this could be the reason.

Luckily, you can save time & reduce energy costs by upgrading your old garage door to an insulated one.

It reduce energy use and eventually energy costs:

This one may look obvious, but it is true: low energy use interprets to low energy costs. But how a new overhead door can reduce energy use?

Well, it all comes down to the insulation. According to the EPA, homeowners can lower cooling and heating costs by 15 percent by correctly insulating & air sealing a home. It is easy to ignore your overhead door when it comes to insulation, but it can make a huge difference.

It can make the battery of your car more efficient:

Your automobile perhaps is not what you had in mind when it comes to reducing energy costs in your garage, but is a wonderful bonus! Extreme temperature during the summer can cause havoc on your automobile’s battery.

Extreme temperature can make fluid in car’s battery to fade, reducing its lifetime. An insulated overhead door will help in keeping the temperature at bay so you car’s battery can sustain its durability.

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